Bead and Buy is about:

– Enjoying the company of your friends and making new beading friends;
– Sharing what you are creating and getting to see what others are working on;
– Having the opportunity to actually see and touch the supplies before you buy, knowing the colours and finishes will be just right;
– Having time to chat to Kay, Jo and Prue about the supplies they have for you;
– Enjoying a wonderful reasonably priced lunch with your friends
– Being able to spend the whole or part of the day beading, knowing that the supplies you will need are there for you should you need them;


Creative Table for Kids
This table will be unsupervised but will be visible by all so you can shop and bead in peace while still keeping that watching eye out for your offspring / Grandkid

All beads and stringing and drawing materials will be provided by the Bead and Buy team.


Free Raffle Entry drawn at 1.30pm.
There will be 1 prize form each exhibitor for you to choose from, each to the value of $30. You must be in the hall to win so that’s a good reason to come and enjoy the whole day at Bead and Buy.


A comfortable place for Hubby / Partner to sit and wait while you shop Bead & Buy will provide the couch,  newspapers to read and Sudoku puzzles to do. Great coffee and cake for your hubby / partner to pass the time while you have some fun shopping in peace.


Nora, Kate & Ruth our catering team in Melbourne who are there to supply you with yummy freshly made lunches suitable for all tastes. The required sweet items and coffee will be available thoughout the day to keep you going while you bead and chat. 


See individual pages for more details