Guest Exhibitor Chirag from Zever

Zever is synonymous with beautiful gems.


Call Chirag on +61 421 272 778 for personal service.

Zever based in Sydney, brings you a wide variety of the most unique and spectacular gemstones fromĀ around the world.

We have wide range of well-priced stunningly natural beautiful gems including Rubies, Sapphire, Emerald, Tanzanite, Tourmalines, Spinels and many other gemstones in Beads, Briolette and Nuggets for Designer Jewellers.

We also carry limited range of exclusive and unique gems and matching earring pairs for Jewellers and the exclusive designer.

Our gems are all handcrafted by exceptionally talented craftsmen using a modern and traditional age-old skill to produce the most exquisite and stunning gems and jewellery pieces

Zever prides itself on being the ultimate combination of “Quality, Service and Value”

From our Sydney headquarters, our customer service representatives are just an email away. If you have a question about any of our exquisite pieces, or how we can help you, please drop us an email to , or call Chirag on +61 421 272 778 for personal service.