Guest Exhibitor Denise Smith





When Denise Smith decided to take a stained glass making course in 2000 she had no idea it would lead to making and selling glass beads as a full time business

“I first played with glass in about 2000. I started with a leadlight window and went on to do some copper foiling, fusing and slumping, but it was in 2003 when the obsession started.  I was talked into doing a bead making class and fell in love with the process immediately. I bought the kit that day and haven’t looked back. “

Lampworking is a centuries old technique of making glass beads. Older traditional methods involved the use of oil lamps, hence the name ‘lampworking’. And even though lamps and bellows have been replaced by propane and oxygen fuelled torches, the magic remains the same.


Denise lives in Sydney with her husband and 2 adult sons, where she works from home in a purpose built studio in her backyard in Sydney.  Denise makes beautiful glass beads by
hand, her favourite styles are floral and those with intricate designs.  All her beads go through the proper annealing process in a digitally controlled kiln. She primarily uses soft glass from Italy and the US for their quality, vibrancy and colour range.