Guest Exhibitor Glenda Mac Naughton

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I began weaving with tiny glass beads in the late 1990s and since then have gained many awards for my beadwoven jewelry designs and small sculptures. In more recent years, I’ve begun incorporating my own handmade glass beads and sculptures into my designs.

These are made by softening, hand shaping and blowing glass using an oxygen and gas torch (known as flamework).  I particularly enjoy blowing hollow glass beads. I love pushing the boundaries of my skills and knowledge and have taken glass workshops with many leading glass artists internationally.


I live in Drysdale where I sell my designs and teach beadweaving and flamework in my Studio. I also have an online shop selling beadweaving tutorials.

As a committee member of the annual Drysdale Festival of Glass ( much of my time is spent organizing the event, working on its associated projects and promoting the beauty and possibilities of glass locally.