Guest Exhibitor Marianne Bradman

Fields of Clover






As a child I was always mesmerised watching artisans work with clear molten glass to create sculptural animals.  Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine one day working with molten glass.




I took my first lampwork class with Pauline Delaney at the end of 2005.  Shortly after, I set up a home based studio in order to create lampwork beads whenever I wanted to.




Organic beads are my preferred style of lampworking though lately I have been making quite a few fish, species undetermined.  Watching glass melt is deeply satisfying.

Another area of glass I work in is fusing.  One of the areas I dabble in with fusing is making glass cabochons by layering pieces of glass together before firing in the kiln.  I either turn the cabochons into pendants or earrings or sell them as is for others to incorporate into their own jewellery.