Guest Exhibitor Peter Gibson

The love of working with glass comes to artists in many different ways.  Peter Gibson, from Beadlogic, has had a passion and enthusiasm for design and creation for more than 50 years, which led him into a career in Engineering, initially in aviation and then the broadcast industries.



After retiring from full time work, Peter went looking for additional ways to use his creative skills. He discovered glass beads after being inspired by a visit to a glass shop to buy parts for a lead light window.



Peter was instantly sold on the way glass could be fashioned quite easily, and he knew this could be an exciting new venture.   However, he soon learned that his current range of workshop tools was not all that conducive to the creations he wanted to do with glass, and so began a new learning experience.


Peter started making beads without any other mechanical assistance, but soon found that his well equipped machine shop and engineering experience enabled him to develop unique tools to assist shaping his lampwork glass beads and in making new shapes, not possible by other means.