Joanne Ivy

Cranberry aims to provide quality products, prices and service to bead enthusiasts throughout Australia.

Cranberry is owned by Joanne Ivy, who has a long love of beads, an obsession really. She is passionate about all forms of beads and beading, but especially enjoys working with seed beads. The knowledge of beads and beading accumulated over the years helps serve you on your beading journey. Joanne freely shares information about beading techniques and beads to help you create anything your imagination can dream of. Joanne freely shares information about beading techniques and beads to help you make the most of your beading journey and to create anything your imagination can dream of.

Cranberry was born in 2004 when members of The Bead Society of Victoria(BSV) wanted to buy the beads that Joanne had. Over time she bought more and more beads to feed the demands of members, then eventually gave in and set up a website. She has been a constant attendee at the BSV ever since.

The range of Japanese seed beads is constantly growing, Joanne love to introduce new colours, finishes, shapes and sizes. Because Joanne loves beads just as much as you do she understands what products you want and strives to get them to you as fast as possible.

Joanne held the role of President of the Bead Society of Victoria from 2006-2012, and continued to run special events for the BSV until 2015.


Cranberry is based at a home studio in Bayside Melbourne.