Kay Lancashire

Living and loving life to the full


I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating in some art form.  After re-kindling a delight in jewellery making over 15 years ago I have been enthralled by the textures and 3-dimensional sculptural qualities that can be wrought with beads, wire and metal.  Indeed, I have not stopped with those mediums, I keep using whatever skill I can master to help interpret the pictures which form in my mind.  I have been most fortunate to be taught by some of the most talented artists in their field both Australian and International Artists, and nurtured and mentored by extraordinary artists in all genre.

Over the last few years my work has started to take less conventional form and a more contemporary direction.  This has been since realising that my ‘paint’ was beads, my sculptures just happened to be in small wearable form.  I saw very clearly that the human desire to wear adornment and the need to create art could be combined, this has been invigorating and liberating. l find myself living breathing and dreaming my ideas, it has become an all consuming passion.

So many things inspire my work:- history, texture, nature, music, folklore.   I think you can safely say that pretty much anything will inspire me if I’m in the mood.

Although my online shop has now closed I continue to trade at events such as Bead and Buy, BSV Bead Expo and Fibre Arts Australia events. My speciality is Findings but I also like to surprise you with the ‘different’ elements to add an extra wow factor to your work.