Guest Exhibitor Maxine Chivers



Glass By Girlfriday (aka Maxine Chivers) has loved creating from a very young age. She would constantly nag her parents for drawing tools, books and paper. She doesn’t often talk about her foray into Calligraphy and charcoals though, as being a proud left hander, these experiences left her scarred for life… traumatic memories of left hand being smeared with peacock blue ink… and we won’t even mention the weird angle she had to hold her hand in a vain attempt to avoid another inkgate…

Jump forward to 2006 and a chance find in a local bookshop, she discovered lampworking. Within 6 months she had managed to take a class, burn herself several times, and was lucky enough to be mentored by a few members of the worldwide Glass community.

Maxine’s style has developed into producing more sculptural focals, from Christmas elves, aliens (often infused with her somewhat oddball sense of humour) and her signature Japanese style geisha inspired beads. In fact, her closest Glass friends become concerned if they ever see her make a set of just plain round beads…

Despite not taking herself too seriously, Maxine takes an extraordinary level of pride in her work, and the fruits of her labour have paid off. She has work in the 4 couriers of the Apocalypse or four corners of the globe  (U.S.A., U.K., New Zealand, Hong Kong and Russia to name a few). She even has a set of her chilli beads on display in the foyer of a hot sauce company in the south of the U.S.!

Maxine has also had her work featured in several magazines and books, and has been a regular entrant at the Sydney Royal Easter Show arts and Crafts exhibitions (winning or placing since 2012).